Special Needs Dad 365

Livy at the Dentist
The dentist has been a big part of our lives lately. Livy was there the other day. She was asleep when she went in. But wide awake when finished! We are fortunate that she tolerates the cleanings well. The dentist always compliments her on how clean her teeth are. Thankfully that is the case. I can’t imagine what it would be like for her to have novocaine and a cavity drilled. They would likely have to knock her out to do so. We will keep our fingers crossed that she continues to have clean checkups.

I have also been to the dentist over the last week...twice. I have a crown that was bothering me so went in to have it examined. Nothing appeared wrong. The dentist filed it down a bit since it looked like it was raised a bit more than it should be and I went on my way. Well, last Saturday, I was eating a bagel and my crown literally fell out! So back to the dentist I went Monday morning. Fortunately, the crown was fine and she was able to cement it back into place.

I have had dreams over the last several years about many teeth falling out at once. To have that occur to even one tooth while awake sent a small chill down my spine.

The teeth dream can mean a number of things. Two of them are insecurity about a personal loss and someone in your life is sick. I can’t remember the exact day I had one but my guess is it was a time Livy was going through a rough patch and I felt useless trying to help her. Makes total sense. Not being able to make your child better is an awful feeling and does a number on your psyche.

To some extent, I have accepted that I won’t be able to stop her seizures today or even tomorrow. And I certainly won’t be able to make her walk. I suppose a bad tooth dream every now and again is a reminder that we are all human and that many things are out of our control.