Special Needs Dad 365

Today, Livy came home with a project she has been working on at school. It’s called, “Oliviaville.” Granted, she had lots of help with it but she got involved, too. Makes me wonder what goes on in this town.

It’s interesting with Oliviaville, it’s not so much the playing aspect but the stimulation that comes along with putting the pieces together. I wonder if she understands the significance and the buildings. Does she know what policemen do? Is she aware that she has been in an ambulance on various occasions? Can she remember all the times she has been to the hospital?

This past weekend, Livy watched the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It is about a small town and a young inventor who creates a process to make it rain food. Quite the imagination indeed. My dream is that Livy looks at Oliviaville and thinks of all the fun things she could do like rolling around with slobbering puppies in the dog park or visiting the local candy shop where everything is edible. Perhaps she will ride her bike to the local cinema where for a dollar, kids can watch any movie ever made. Then, she would head home where a steaming pizza, hot out of the oven, was waiting for her to devour. I think of Oliviaville as a magical town where all our wishes come true.