Special Needs Dad 365

Climbing the Stairs
Stairs represent a number of things. When dreams are analyzed, stairs are said to symbolize a journey. If one is going up the stairs, it is likely positive or purposeful. If one is traveling down the stairs, the journey might be negative, confusing, or depressing. The pictures I took are from the Tampa International Airport. It was the first time I had used this escalator and it was the longest I had ever seen.

I suppose it was poetic justice. I think it represents the journey we are now on. In this case, I was going up the escalator and feeling pretty positive. Looking down, I thought about from where we have come and the difficult road on which we traveled.

I feel that an escalator is well suited for this analogy. We have faced many challenges. Had we made it from step to step on our own, a better comparison would be traditional stairs. But we have been helped by many people who have lifted us up to get where we are now. That is what escalators are all about.

Stairs can also be viewed as a link connecting one floor to the next. From a figurative perspective, they connect ideas, points in times, or changes in life stages. From the moment we started this journey, I have felt like we are climbing. Many things have changed such as our perspective on life, my career, our continuous drive to give back, and more. These changes have been linked to events in our life leading from one phase to the next. The trick is to know how long to stay on the same level before getting back on the escalator.

If you are taking your first step onto the staircase, I highly recommend looking for an escalator. No one should walk their journey alone. We need others to lift us up so we can continue growing and flourishing. While you may take steps backward along the way, I urge you to keep moving up. Looking back is fine to see what is in your past. We learn from our experiences. They are important to share with others. But moving forward is the beginning of acceptance. It means having hope that tomorrow will be better. It gives you courage to face your challenges and builds confidence to know that you can handle what lies ahead. We are all on the grand staircase of life. Try to take at least one more step each day. Enjoy the floor you are on while you are there. But also know when it is time to move on. How many steps you take and how quickly you take them is entirely up to you.