Special Needs Dad 365

Livy on Swing
There are many things that Livy can’t do like play on a seesaw, go down a slide, or climb on monkey bars. As parents, we dream of our kids running around in the park and being active. We envision them climbing on jungle gyms and going in circles on roundabouts. What we never think of them doing is sitting in a wheelchair not able to move about on their own. For some of us, dreams change.

Fortunately, there are swings made for wheelchairs! This one happens to be at Livy’s school. Her entire wheelchair fits on it and gives her a chance to feel movement. She will never be able to soar high while swinging her legs and then flying through the air after letting go. But at least she will know what it is like to move back and forth in a smaller fashion. Often times, it’s the little things for which we are grateful.