Special Needs Dad 365

Be Flexible or Eat Salad
There’s a running joke in our house and the same punchline is used often. It goes like this. Dinner is just about ready. Hailey is pouring the drinks. I’m finishing up work. Allison is setting the table. We check Livy’s diaper and guess what? She needs to be changed. Everyone, take 5. Livy gets changed. We get her back into her chair and ready to sit with us.

By this time, our food is lukewarm. We almost never have food that is hot. It’s become such a regular occurance that whenever it happens, we all yell, “Lukewarm!” Most of the time, it’s Livy’s diaper. Sometimes it’s a seizure or who knows what else. But we have learned to be flexible and accept it. Otherwise, we would just be eating cold salad everyday. Flexibility is so important because going with the flow is a way to manage stress.

The moral of the story is, next time something happens and you have to wait, think “Lukewarm”, be flexible, and smile knowing that we are right there with you.