Special Needs Dad 365

Livy Sleeping In
“I really don’t want to go to school today!” How many times has your son or daughter exclaimed that phrase? I think this picture is Livy’s attempt at communicating a similar sentiment. We have a monitor so we can see and hear what she does throughout the night. That’s one reason we don’t get as much sleep as we should. There are nights when she likes to stay up and party. She can be surprisingly vocal despite her inability to speak.

Some mornings, as she is stretching, she pulls the covers over her face, likely by accident, and keeps on sleeping. When we see her like this, it brings smiles to our faces. We have a good laugh and say it looks like she is in no mood to have us get her out of bed and get her ready for school. In that sense, we are able to see her as a typical teenager.

The reality is, we often have to make a decision to send her to school or not depending on how her morning goes. If we wake her from sleep, she can start having a seizure that may last for a couple of hours. We always try to balance that risk. On days like this, we are happy to let her sleep in. Even if just for a moment, we get to think of her as a kid just being a kid.