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Special Needs Moms
One of the greatest joys I get to see each day is Allison as Livy's mom. As most special needs moms can attest to, they bear a large, if not all, responsibility for taking care of some very challenging aspects of their children.

The course of these moms' lives are completely put on hold and usually redirected forever. There is rarely a moment they are not worrying about making sure medications and medical supplies are ordered, doctors appointments are made (many different specialists), blood draws for medication level testing is scheduled, school related issues are under control, hygiene products are stocked, and much more. That leaves little time for themselves and potentially a career if they want one. They have to be ready at a moments notice if something happens and they have to drop everything to take care of an issue. The emotional stress and physical demands take a tremendous toll on their mind and their bodies.

I have great admiration and respect for Allison and all the moms who tirelessly put their special kids in front of their own needs and goals. Many moms do that regardless if their kids have health issues or not. But chronic conditions make the lives of these women and the decisions they make much more difficult.

To all special needs moms, I am truly grateful for all that you do. You are all heroes. I hope that many other dads will join me in saying thank you for making our world and the lives of our kids much safer and a whole lot better.