Special Needs Dad 365

Packaging Tape and Diapers

On average, Livy goes through about 4 - 5 diapers a day. Over her lifetime thus far, that's nearly 21,000. Granted, she is at school during the week and Allison changes many of them when she's home during the day. But I have played my part and changed thousands of them.

The thing I can't stand is when the tab rips off the diaper as I'm adjusting it on Livy. Typically, this happens when we're in a rush.

Step 1 - change diaper
Step 2 - rip tab
Step 3 - throw the ripped diaper across the room
Step 4 - say a few choice words
Step 5 - get a new diaper and pray it doesn't rip again

There have been times when I feared for my safety due to flying diapers. Allison played softball when she was younger and she does have an arm!

The situation is quite similar to using packaging tape. How many of you have ripped a piece off only to have the tape stick to the roll? Then you spend agonizing minutes trying to find the beginning of the roll again. Just as you think you have it, a small piece pulls up and rips again. It makes me sweat just thinking about it!

The point of this comparison is patience. That's what the two have in common. For those of you who don't have special needs kids, it is like using packaging tape every single day, wherever we go. There are doctors' waiting rooms, insurance companies, medications, DIAPERS, cars parked in handicap spots that shouldn't be, no places to change Livy in public places, and on and on it goes. Often times, it's difficult to have patience especially with lack of sleep. But special needs parents and caregivers of those with chronic health challenges seem to be forced to have a little bit more.

So if you see a mom or a dad with a special needs kiddo, try to be considerate and thoughtful. Likely something during their day has already gone askew. And while we're at it, let's try and be more patient with everyone else, too. You never know what someone is going through. Don't we all deserve a break?