Special Needs Dad 365

Neurology Appointment
Today was Livy's regular neurologist appointment. We never know how these will go because Livy is such a difficult case. Most times, if seizures are not controlled after trying three medications, the likihood they will be controlled drops significantly. Livy has now tried over a dozen antiseizure drugs and is still taking four of them. She may soon be on a 5th after our appointment today.

I don't know how her little body continues to function the way it does. She needs to take supporting medications to counteract some of the side effects. But she gets up every day and keeps on going regardless of what life throws in her path. I think that is a message we should all take to heart.

Livy, like many kids with special needs, has a certain purity and innocence about her. It is as if she is insulated from all that goes on in the world. She seems to have a never ending sense of childlike optimism that is infectious. How many kids are this happy to be in a doctor's office? Being around her makes me believe that anything is possible. And believing is half the battle.