Special Needs Dad 365

No Place Like Home
As Thanksgiving approaches, many families are getting ready to hit the roads, rails, and skies to visit loved ones. I've been asked by friends and coworkers if we are staying home or traveling for the holiday. Let's put it this way...we don't travel long distances as a family. The most recent trip we took outside of Florida was an overnight train ride to the National Walk for Epilepsy back in 2015. That is the only time we have seen a wheel literally break off Livy's wheelchair. Before that, Hailey and Livy were two when we flew to Massachusetts to celebrate their birthday.

Traveling with Livy is tedious. The list of supplies we need to bring for her goes on for a mile. Putting her on a plane is not something we are prepared to do. We're not sure how the pressure would affect her. We can't imagine having her ears pop during takeoff and landing. Getting her on and off the plane, transporting her wheelchair, renting a wheelchair van when we get to where we are going, etc. Taking her away from her usual schedule also has its issues. We are fortunate to have a number of family members who have moved down to Florida close to us. I can't begin to tell you how lucky we are to have that type of support. Many special needs families are on their own.

So to answer the question about if we are traveling, I like to say we are taking a big trip...all the way down the street to my mom's. No packing, no stress, and no worries. For us, there is no place like home!