Special Needs Dad 365

President in the House
Many people have commented that Hailey should be president when she grows up. She is not a big fan of politics so she will likely impact the world in a number of other ways. However, we already do have a president in the house. Allison is the PTA President at Livy's school. As if taking care of Livy, Livy's Hope work, and the volunteering she does for the Epilepsy Foundation isn't enough. She says that she can't juggle but I don't believe her.

Last night, we attended one of the two big events the PTA organizes each year. The theme for the event was travel and called Bon Voyage. Right up to the last minute, she was feverishly making plans and working with her board to ensure the night was fun for the families and staff. I have to admit, it's awesome to see her in action!

It was a great night. There were four different areas for food including Italy, Brazil, China, and Greece. There was music, dancing, auction items, and many big smiles. The kids at Livy's school all have different types of special needs. Watching them get out on the dance floor and having a good time was heart warming. Those in their wheelchairs moved back and forth to the music.

If you tell Allison that she is doing an awesome job and making a difference in the lives of these families, she will humbly brush it off. But the rest of us are fortunate to see that the time she volunteers is making a tremendous impact. Proud to call her my best friend and love!