Special Needs Dad 365

Livy Brushing Hair
This morning, I was on daddy duty. Allison usually gets Livy up and takes her to school, but today, she was getting ready for a PTA fundraiser. So I was in charge. I love the days when I get to spend time with Livy in the morning except for her seizures. She often wakes up having one. She did this morning but it was short. Can't believe I have come to accept short seizures as a good thing. That part hurts my heart and is an entirely different story.

After getting her up, we stopped at the bathroom to do hair and teeth. She is not a big fan of getting her hair done so I started by putting the brush in her hand and helping her do a little brushing. At least that way, she knew it was coming. She usually has a ponytail, but today I switched it up and chose pigtails. For Livy, there's something about pigtails that screams, "Look at me. I'm cute!" I will never be a professional hair stylist but I can hold my own. I laugh in the face of braids, twists, and buns. Crimpers and curling irons, those are for rookies. No matter how I comb, brush, or blow Livy's hair, I hope that smile means, "Daddy, thank you for doing what I can't do and for trying your best to take care of me."