Special Needs Dad 365

Run Towards Problems
Yesterday was a very sad day in our house with the passing of Stan Lee, the Marvel legend. Hailey is a true Marvel junkie and frequently reads a Marvel encyclopedia in her spare time.

As I drove to pick her up at school, I dreaded knowing that someone who touched her life nearly every day had died. When she got into the car, the tears started. We of course didn't know him personally but it was like he was a part of our family.

Stan Lee's work often accompanies our weekly Sunday pizza and movie night. He was a master at his craft and revered by millions of comic book reading, superhero lovers of all ages. He showed us what heroes could do especially when they worked together. He brought humanity and vulnerability to characters with super human abilities. Despite their powers, he made sure they had weaknesses like the rest of us.

Stan also gave his heroes an abundance of courage. He showed us what they could do when faced with insurmountable odds. They would run TOWARDS their problems, NOT away from them which is a lesson we could all follow. I'm sure they will continue to inspire us and allow us to feel connected.

So with gratitude, I say, Rest In Peace, Stan Lee. We will try to be heroic just like the universe you created and keep your spirit living forever.