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Jonathan Scheinman

Happy Mother's Day To The Super Moms

Happy Mother's Day To The Super Moms

Wouldn't it be nice if, when a woman got pregnant, she had the option to sign up to be a Super Mom? Isn't it only fair? No mother-to-be ever says, “Sign me up to give birth to a child with special needs. Perhaps my marriage will become extremely complicated or even end. I hope to lose many of my friends after the baby is born. I look forward to my body deteriorating much faster than women my age. Put my name down for depression.” Yet these are all common realities the Super Mom faces.

It is a fact that the majority of parental caretakers for special needs children are mothers. In today’s world, most dads go off to work not fully aware of what happens at home. Many times, dads turn their backs on their families all together because they are not able to handle it emotionally. I can’t even imagine walking in the shoes of a single mom raising a disabled child. Again, another choice these amazing moms do not get to make. Allison and I have a hard enough time and we are both engaged.

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