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Jonathan Scheinman

I Imagine A Cure

When I look into Livy’s eyes, I know more is going on than there seems to be. She can’t talk or communicate in the typical fashion, but she has her own way of letting us know how she is feeling. Most of the time, we are kissing her and hugging her. So her smile lights up the room. She is just like any kid who feels the genuine love of her family. When she is uncomfortable or hurting, she tells us by her sounds as well as increased seizure activity.

I often put my head against hers and whisper, God, please let me hear what she is thinking. Just this once. My prayers have yet to be answered but if I really listen to her sounds and look at her facial expressions, I can almost get there. Sometimes my imagination gets the best of me. Is she scared or confused. Does she feel lonely or trapped? Does she want to say something but her brain won’t let her get the words out? Does she want to tell us she loves us?

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