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The events of the last week have left me at a loss for words. The world lost a superhero in Gavin Leong. Many have been following his story for years but even more were introduced to him recently. His battle with health related issues began from day one back on September 29th, 2007. Over the course of his short life, he inspired people with his strength and determination. His ability to beat the odds was miraculous. He constantly surprised his doctors and proved to the world what a warrior he was.

On April 10th, Gavin went into cardiac arrest. He fought valiantly to try to recover but his little body had finally had more than it could take. On April 14th, Gavin lost his battle. Throughout the five days, his mother, Kate, continued to blog and post updates to Facebook about Gavin’s final moments. As I read through her posts, I had to look away or risk a steady stream of tears washing over my keyboard. To see a little boy filled with so much good taken from all of us at such a young age is beyond my comprehension. I only knew of his story for a short period of time but those five days will stick with me forever.

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